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You can change your life. You can sort out issues. You can improve your life, your relationships, and your well-being.

When life has been difficult, you may need support and a catalyst to achieve the changes you aspire to.

Talking about and exploring your issues in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental setting can:

·         Give you the support you need at a difficult time of your life

·         Increase your awareness, giving you choices and control back in your life

·         Help identify patterns of behaviour and solutions to have a more fulfilled life

·         Help identify unhealthy negative beliefs that create psychological disturbance and convert them into healthy beliefs that promote psychological health and well being

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Everybody is unique; therefore, I do not have a pre-set approach as to how I work with each person or for how long.  This will be discussed and mutually agreed in the first session.  You may come for one session, a few, or more depending on your needs.  The main counselling therapies I offer are based on a psychodynamic approach or cognitive behavioural therapy.

When we have a greater understanding of ourselves and how we became the person we are, it opens up opportunities to reflect on whether we are happy with that, or whether we can think differently about making some subtle changes.  It is safe to explore what positive changes could be considered in the working relationship with a skilled counsellor.  Personal knowledge can lead to taking back control of our situations and a relationship, making positive change as far as is practical.  Acknowledging and mourning those relationships and missed opportunities which can never be retrieved is an equally valuable aspect of counselling and becomes possible within the dependable care of a well-qualified and experienced counsellor.

Some of the issues I work with include:

Anger management
Grief and Loss
Feelings of failure
Low self-esteem
Relationship issues 
Emotional and physical abuse
Assertiveness training
Eating disorders
Panic attacks
Sexual issues
Recovering from addiction
And more 

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